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Oh hey, 2011

I’m not usually one for New Years Resolutions. I generally don’t like to do whatever everybody else is doing, so if everyone is making resolutions, then I don’t want to. Plus I don’t like failing at goals I set for myself…so I just tend to ignore the opportunity to set goals for the year.

However…I’ve been thinking about it and there are a few things I want to accomplish this year.

Here we go!


What Not to Eat

If you are allergic to milk fat and trying to cut carbs so you can drop ten pounds to fit into your suits from 18 months ago so you can start a job that requires you to look professional, this should not be your lunch.

If, however, you fit into the 99% of the population who isn’t allergic to milk fat and/or isn’t trying to lose 10 pounds, then make sure to follow this method of making grilled cheese and also use milk instead of water to thin the concentrated tomato soup. Make sure you have lots of butter in the fridge.

What I’m trying to say is…I’m both allergic to milk fat and trying to lose ten pounds…and I had grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch.

Fail. But so delicious.

PS. The first meeting of the brand-spankin’-new Salem Etsy team was last night! Jessica of DIY Studio wrote about it here. I’m excited to get to know these ladies and introduce Salem to Etsy and handmade. And vintage, of course.

PSS. I’ve been caring for an invalid today and I must say, I feel pretty helpless. The invalid (aka Isaac) had one of his wisdom teeth removed today. The two dentists he went to today were wonderful – he called this morning to say he wasn’t able to sleep last night because of the pain. The dentist got him in for x-rays at 10, and then the emergency tooth removal was at 2. Both were unplanned. I’m pretty impressed that both of those doctors were able to fit him in and I’m super glad he will be able to eat regularly without pain now. Lesson from today: I don’t think I’d be a very good nurse. I would feel so bad all the time because I can’t fix anything.

At least I’m pretty good at heating up tomato soup.

Christmas in Photos…and learning how to use the Hipstamatic

Christmas at the Oregon State Capitol

My niece is going to be a reader :)

My mother-in-law got me Small-Batch Preserving and Slow Cooker Recipes. We got a new Crock Pot and the one time we used it so far was a flop, so the cookbook will come in hand. I’ve been wanting to learn how to embroider and this book will get me started.

Postscript to this photo…Isaac is so sweet. We were at Craft Warehouse a few days ago and I was looking at this book but decided not to spend the money to buy it. After we moved on, he told me he wanted to go “look for a pattern” and he ran and bought it for me. Love him :)

The perfect way to end the weekend…Isaac beat me at Skip-Bo (pretty sure he was cheating) and then I kicked his butt at Rummikub.

PS. I have a pretty strict rule against paying for apps (which is sort of funny considering most of them only cost a dollar even though I think nothing about spending three bucks on coffee). I’ve been wanting the Hipstamatic for a long time. It is a little confusing at first, but I think I’m figuring it out. I got the Williamsburg pack for some extra film and a wide lens and I like it much better than the standard films.

Christmas was fantastic but I think we are all ready to be done…right?

Only my boss…

Most bosses try to motivate their employees. Mine is a bit different. She buys every one in the office “de-motivation” desktop calendars for Christmas.

May not be warranted  at this point.

It’s best to avoid standing directly between a competitive jerk and his goals.

If you think the problems we create are bad, just wait until you see our solutions.

Proudly defending the status quo long after the quo has lost its status

My favorite is the one that will be hanging in our conference room:

None of us is as dumb as all of us.


Love my office.


Usually on Monday I write about whatever we did over the weekend. But….we did nothing. As in n-o-t-h-i-n-g, nothing. Absolutely nothing. It was wonderful.

Well, kind of. We did whatever we wanted to without having schedules and timelines. So we went to the Holiday Market, church, lunch with the family.


I updated my Etsy shop. I’ve been making a ton of stuff but it’s been in stores or at craft shows…or in a tote that should be labeled “Things to photograph when you stop procrastinating.” But since I built a handy dandy new light box, there’s no excuse.

So….after hours of quality time with my camera, the lightbox, and picasa….

I’ve listed like 25 things to my shop and I have…like….too many more. Like 15 or 20. At least.

Crossing my fingers that those Etsy Transaction emails start coming in!

Back to Normal Life

Oh it’s good to be back.

Between moving to a new house (yay!) and then Election Day (which necessitated 18 hour days for 15 days straight), this has been the most tiring month I think I’ve ever had.

I’m glad to be slowly getting back to normal.

There have been goods and bads in the last month.

Good: We won all our campaigns. Elections are definitely interesting. 18 months of blood, sweat and tears all come down to one night. The last few election cycles have been depressing so it was good to celebrate.

Good: Having our own backyard and driveway and no upstairs neighbors is amazing.

Good: With three bedrooms, I have an amazing craft room!

Bad: The house is old and there are lots of things that my construction-working husband wants to fix. It’s hard to remember we’re just renting and we can’t/shouldn’t fix everything, even things that really really need to be fixed. I would like to get the rotting out upstairs window fixed, and figure out a way to make the cadet heaters heat the house. It’s so so cold  in there!

Bad: We ate restaurant food for basically a month straight. Gross.

I feel like I’m playing house. It’s fun.

It’s good to get back to our regular routines. Church, crafting, TV shows, family…

Speaking of crafting….

(If you’re local), Have you been to The Fussy Duck yet? It’s a super cute gift shop south of downtown. A few friends and I rented a space. Stop by if you can!

Next, I’m nervous nervous nervous. I’m doing my first show! Call me crazy, but the show is in two weeks and I just signed up…yesterday. Eek! I’m making like mad right now. It’s both fun and stressful. I’m most scared about setting up my booth…I don’t know how to display my things. Ideas would be very helpful :)

Enough for now. Happy to be back.

Project 365: Week 2