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Bite-size Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

If one of your New Years Resolutions

1) was something along the lines of “Eat healthier” or “Lose weight” (like mine is….)
2) you know you can’t just stop eating sugar cold turkey

then this Chocolate Crinkle Cookie is perfect for you. You can have an entire cookie in only one bite. Perfect.

They’re the cutest, tiniest, most adorable cookies I’ve pretty much ever seen.

I was in a baking mood the other night and we had almost nothing in the house. Almost every other Chocolate Crinkle recipe has unsweetened chocolate in it and we didn’t have any and most of them required chilling the dough for 2 hours. It’s 11 pm at this point and I had no interest in staying up to 2 in the morning. So after a frustrating search online I found this recipe.

Cocoa? Check. Makes 30 cookies? Perfect. 10 minutes in the freezer instead of 2 hours in the fridge? Wonderful.

First, mix dry ingredients.

Use your fingers to mix in the butter…which is what the recipe recommends. I tried to use the mixer. Since my fingers are in the bowl with cocoa all over them…you can tell it didn’t work.

At this point, I’m realizing that there is only going to be enough dough for like 10 cookies. At the most. Ugh.

This picture makes me laugh. Gross.

Spread the dough fairly thin around the bottom of a metal bowl and stick it in the freezer for 10 minutes.

So now I’m like, great. At least this is a quick recipe because I’m going to get like a grand total of two cookies out of it.

Then I read the recipe. I quote: “Spoon level teaspoons of dough…”

Most cookie recipes call for tablespoon-size cookies. This is even better. Tiny little cookies?!?! Yay!

Roll each teaspoon-sized cookie in powdered sugar and bake at 400 degrees for 8 to 10 minutes.



  • 1/2 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1/2 cup granulated sugar
  • 1/4 cup unsweetened Dutch-process cocoa
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 2 tablespoons unsalted butter, softened
  • 1 large egg, beaten lightly
  • 2 tablespoons confectioners’ sugar plus additional for dusting hands

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What Not to Eat

If you are allergic to milk fat and trying to cut carbs so you can drop ten pounds to fit into your suits from 18 months ago so you can start a job that requires you to look professional, this should not be your lunch.

If, however, you fit into the 99% of the population who isn’t allergic to milk fat and/or isn’t trying to lose 10 pounds, then make sure to follow this method of making grilled cheese and also use milk instead of water to thin the concentrated tomato soup. Make sure you have lots of butter in the fridge.

What I’m trying to say is…I’m both allergic to milk fat and trying to lose ten pounds…and I had grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch.

Fail. But so delicious.

PS. The first meeting of the brand-spankin’-new Salem Etsy team was last night! Jessica of DIY Studio wrote about it here. I’m excited to get to know these ladies and introduce Salem to Etsy and handmade. And vintage, of course.

PSS. I’ve been caring for an invalid today and I must say, I feel pretty helpless. The invalid (aka Isaac) had one of his wisdom teeth removed today. The two dentists he went to today were wonderful – he called this morning to say he wasn’t able to sleep last night because of the pain. The dentist got him in for x-rays at 10, and then the emergency tooth removal was at 2. Both were unplanned. I’m pretty impressed that both of those doctors were able to fit him in and I’m super glad he will be able to eat regularly without pain now. Lesson from today: I don’t think I’d be a very good nurse. I would feel so bad all the time because I can’t fix anything.

At least I’m pretty good at heating up tomato soup.


The peach trees in the u-pick orchard up the road from our house is picked clean but we got enough for a canner-load of canned peaches and an almost-perfect peach crumb bar.  These are delicious but next time I’m going to add a half teaspoon each of cinnamon and almond extract to the peaches to give it a little extra flavor.

Of course my peaches floated.  Does anyone know of a fool-proof way to make the not float?  My mom says using a heavy syrup – I used a light syrup – and hot packing the peaches help.  (For all you non-canners (otherwise known as “most everyone”), hot packing means you boil the peaches for a couple minutes before packing them into the jars.)  They taste just as good even if they’re floating, but it’s definitely not as pretty.

PS.  Like how I set up the photo so the pan is hiding the fact that the peaches are floating?

PS.2.  No, I didn’t set up the photo….I wish I could take credit for that but…nope, I’m not that good.

There is More Than Enough Zucchini in the World

Why is it that absolutely everyone who grows a garden plants zucchini even though a) they don’t like it and b) they know they’ll end up throwing it all out? I think there’s  a total of approximately two edible ways to eat zucchini  – grilled and in bread – and grilled is gross so…

Anyway, my mother-in-law has (of course) about 354677 extra zucchinis in her garden.  After taking them with her to church to try to get rid of (no takers, by the way – everyone already has them in their garden or got some from their mother-in-law) and pawning them off on the entire family, we finally took a gigantic one.

No pictures, but I’m sure you know what a gigantic zucchini looks like.

Since I’m sure most everyone is having the zuccini-coming-out-of-their-ears, problem, you should make loads and loads of zucchini bread.  And you should substitute apple sauce for half of the oil in the recipe.

Here’s a recipe that already has the applesauce factored in.  If you like a light, kind of cake-y sweet bread, this is the recipe for you.

Zucchini Bread from Oh My! Sugar High

I’m partial to a denser sweet bread but Isaac likes this one and it was easy, quick and delicious.

So when your mother-in-law “asks” if you want zucchini….you can tell her yes, and actually mean it this time.

PS.  Maybe, just maybe, I’m a bit hard on zucchini.  It’s possible there are more than two ways to eat zucchini.  If there is, do tell.  I’d like to know what to do with the big chunk still sitting in the refrigerator.

Self serve frozen yogurt: the new cupcake?

Driving to work a few weeks ago, I saw a sign on the sidewalk outside this little strip mall that simply said “Self Serve Frozen Yogurt.”  No shop name, just an unassuming sign: “Self Serve Frozen Yogurt.”  Kind of odd, I thought.  What does that even mean?  I can just walk in, grab some yogurt and go?  Hm.

Friday night was one of those “we-had-plans-but-bagged-them-to-just-relax-and-hang-out” nights.  Isaac and I ended up at Borders, skimming all 2467 books on the Nikon D5000.  We were going to stop at Dairy Queen on the way home, but ran into another one of those “Self Serve Frozen Yogurt” signs – only this time, it was a real, blinking, lighted shop sign.

All I can say is…amazing.  There were eight or ten frozen yogurt dispensers along the wall and every topping you could ever think of in a kiosk in the middle. Pick your flavor, dress up your yogurt with fruit, candy, nuts and sauces, and pay by the ounce.  I don’t remember how much it cost per ounce, but we both got all the yogurt and toppings we wanted for seven bucks total.

Isaac’s was way prettier than mine.  I put oreo cookies, caramel sauce, strawberries, raspberries, almonds, two kind of yogurt and chocolate sauce on top.  Amazing, but definitely not pretty.

So, two shops in Salem, and just yesterday I saw one in Portland.  Is self-serve frozen yogurt the new cupcake?

Birthday = Awesome afternoon in Downtown Portland = most amazing massage and salmon dinner ever

In case anyone was wondering, my husband is more sweet and thoughtful and awesomer than yours.

Yes, “awesomer” is a word, even though Microsoft keeps putting that stupid little red line underneath it.

He gave me a surprise spa day for my birthday and then we had dinner at one of Portland’s most popular restaurants, Portland City Grill.  The whole thing was a surprise, which was actually kind of stressful for me.  How was I supposed to decide what to wear if I didn’t know what we were going to do?  Isaac kept telling me to wear whatever I wanted, and he picked out a dress for me to bring, but still….

I got a facial and full body massage, and then my hair was styled for dinner.  Isaac showed up all dressed up and took me to the 30th floor of the US Bancorp Tower for Portland’s best of the city.  How did he get away with dressing up without me knowing, you ask?  I wondered too…he told me he was going to Macy’s to “return a pair of slacks” (which was actually true) but he bought a nice shirt while he was there and he had worn his nice shoes because he “didn’t have anything besides flip flops.”  Sneaky, sneaky.

Best dinner ever.  

Plus there was a signed birthday card and birthday confetti sprinkled all over the table when we got there.   And the complimentary chocolate soufflé was quite possibly the most amazing thing I’ve ever eaten.

Does anyone else love birthdays as much as me?  Or am I just acting like a twelve year old?

Recipe: Pesto Chicken Lasagna

We made the most delicious summer lasagna last night.  My recipe-website-loving husband found this recipe for Pesto Lasagna on The Italian Dish.  There’s no meat in the recipe but we included chicken and layered it in with the pesto and bechamel sauce.  (Sidenote: What is bechamel, you ask?  I asked too, and all I got was “oh, it’s a kind of white sauce.”  Got it, thanks.)

Amazing.  And super pretty too.  Of course I didn’t add tomatoes on the top, cuz that would have been gross.

Next time we’ll add more layers and Isaac says mozzarella between the layers would be good but I disagree.  We’ll see who wins that fight.

Who am I kidding?  He’s the one cooking, so there will be mozzarella.  Oh well.