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Love Oregon

(via tru.che)

Happy Birthday, Oregon! You’re 151 years old today :)

If your heart isn’t in Oregon…well, you’re missing out, but you can find the rest of the states here.


People Make Cool Things: Chasing the Nuns

Who doesn’t want to wear two turkey legs on their head?

Sarah of Chasing the Nuns has several different crafts featured in her shop but my favorite is this turkey beanie:


She also makes tote bags out of t-shirts:


I ┬áloved Mr. Rogers when I was growing up. Won’t you be my neighbor? Dang it, now that song is going to be stuck in my head all day.

Find Sarah online: Shop | Blog | Twitter | Picasa

People Make Cool Things: Love Elycia

I was super excited to find out that I get to feature Elycia’s blog and shop this week.

Love Elycia was one of the first blogs I found and liked enough to actually figure out how to use Google Reader in order to keep up with her blog.

Elycia makes funny/cute headbands:

She draws super adorable girls who tell a story…Derby is my favorite, mostly because she crochets!

And apparently her kitties are well behaved enough to be allowed in her craft room.

I try to let Maddy in the craft room…and then get mad at her and throw her out.

LoveElycia online: Shop | Blog | Twitter

*Now that I’m back to blogging on a (semi) regular basis, I’ve re-joined the BesTeam on Etsy to feature some great artist/crafters. Yay!



Usually on Monday I write about whatever we did over the weekend. But….we did nothing. As in n-o-t-h-i-n-g, nothing. Absolutely nothing. It was wonderful.

Well, kind of. We did whatever we wanted to without having schedules and timelines. So we went to the Holiday Market, church, lunch with the family.


I updated my Etsy shop. I’ve been making a ton of stuff but it’s been in stores or at craft shows…or in a tote that should be labeled “Things to photograph when you stop procrastinating.” But since I built a handy dandy new light box, there’s no excuse.

So….after hours of quality time with my camera, the lightbox, and picasa….

I’ve listed like 25 things to my shop and I have…like….too many more. Like 15 or 20. At least.

Crossing my fingers that those Etsy Transaction emails start coming in!

You Probably Need an Umbrella Today

It’s rainy today. I’m trying to convince myself that rain isn’t as bad as it seems, so I found all these cute rainy items. My favorite is the elephant in the rainboots. Isn’t he so cute?!