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Love Oregon

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Happy Birthday, Oregon! You’re 151 years old today :)

If your heart isn’t in Oregon…well, you’re missing out, but you can find the rest of the states here.


People Make Cool Things: Chasing the Nuns

Who doesn’t want to wear two turkey legs on their head?

Sarah of Chasing the Nuns has several different crafts featured in her shop but my favorite is this turkey beanie:


She also makes tote bags out of t-shirts:


I ┬áloved Mr. Rogers when I was growing up. Won’t you be my neighbor? Dang it, now that song is going to be stuck in my head all day.

Find Sarah online: Shop | Blog | Twitter | Picasa

How to Make an Easy Light Box

Leaving for work before it’s light and coming home after the sun goes down has made it pretty much impossible to take photos for my Etsy shop. So, last week I made a light box.

The step-by-step is in my first guest post on Eben Lemon. Emma’s awesome – check out her blog. Oh, and wish her good luck on her final exams :)

Adventures in Reusing in Portland, part 1

We discovered two of the most fabulous stores in Portland over the weekend.

Scrap has basically everything you could ever want to craft like fabric, magazines, paint and even the kitchen sink. Literally (kind of):

I had heard about Scrap before but thought it was going to be expensive. It was started by a group of teachers who didn’t want to throw away their art supplies and somehow I got it in my head the point of the store was to raise money for schools. (Which, translated, usually means “expensive).

I was wrong.

What would you use paper binding strips for? No idea, but I bet I could come up with something if it only cost fifty cents!

It was almost overwhelming. There was so much amazing-ness that I couldn’t decide what I needed, so here’s what I ended up with:

Total cost? $2.60. Yes, please!

This post is already photo heavy, so I’ll save the next place for tomorrow. All’s I’ll say is, Isaac loved it. :)

It’s quite possible that there was a Santa conference or pub crawl going on in North Portland, because the street was lined with scenes like this:


Blurry, but it makes me laugh.

We ended with dinner at Fire on the Mountain Wings where I felt like a wuss because their mildest sauce was almost too hot for me. We played Trivial Pursuit while we waited for our food.

We didn’t really keep score, but I’m pretty sure I lost.

You Probably Need an Umbrella Today

It’s rainy today. I’m trying to convince myself that rain isn’t as bad as it seems, so I found all these cute rainy items. My favorite is the elephant in the rainboots. Isn’t he so cute?!

Cyber Monday Sale!

Cyber Monday Sale! Free Shipping plus an additional 10% off with code 'MONDAY10'

Free Shipping isn’t much if you only need a card, but if you’re buying a notebook or coasters…yeah, that’s helpful.

Too Much of a Good Thing Handmade Gifts


Lessons Learned: My First Craft Show

So my first craft show was last weekend.

It was awesome.

I stressed out about how to display and decorate because designing decorations is not what I’m good at. My sister-in-law rescued me and (if I do say so myself), my booth was super cute.

I don’t have anything to compare it to, but I was quite pleased with my sales. Yay for successes!

Isaac had the sign made for me. Isn't it so great?!

I learned a few things:

– Bring food. Sitting in the same spot for a long time makes you want to snack.
– Don’t shove your face with the food you bring. Eat when it’s slow.
– Be super nice to the other vendors. They are your best customers :)
– Bring something to work on. So many people walked into my booth to ask me what I was making (two scarves, btw), and then ended up browsing and buying.
– A good helper is a must. Between sharing a booth with a veteran show participant, and a husband who is super helpful (and brings me good food), my bases were covered.

I think I’ve officially been bitten by the craft show bug. I want to do more but I don’t know how to find them…by the time I hear about them, all the spots are already full. It’s a dilemma.

PS. Sarah of Roost ReImagined and Shirleen of Danner and Soli put on a great show. Pony rides, Santa, and a great holiday atmosphere made the Holiday Heritage Faire perfect. I’m already excited for next year!