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We got a kitten!

Isn’t she just so cute? We went to the Humane Society last night. That place, by the way, breaks my heart. I just want to take all the animals home with me.

This guy looks so so sad. I just wanted to give him a big hug.

Turns out Isaac and I have pretty different taste in cats. He likes sleek, short haired cats, and I like the big fluffy ones like this guy:

His name is Ike. We played with him for a while but he basically just sat and didn’t want to play at all, so I put him back in his prison.

But then we found this one. She likes playing, she likes cuddling, she purrs, she’s house trained, she looks like a tiger. All good things in my book.

It took ┬áme a little while to warm up to her. In fact, I wasn’t in love with her till we put her in the box and left the Humane Society. She started crying and my heart melted.

She warmed up pretty quick once we got her home. She explored, jumped on everything, ate some food, and then cuddled up. She likes being underneath things like chairs and tables…maybe she feels safer in enclosed areas?

We named her Maddy (short for Madison) but I’m not positive that she looks like a Maddy. Isaac really likes her name so we’ll see.

I love her.