Oh hey, 2011

I’m not usually one for New Years Resolutions. I generally don’t like to do whatever everybody else is doing, so if everyone is making resolutions, then I don’t want to. Plus I don’t like failing at goals I set for myself…so I just tend to ignore the opportunity to set goals for the year.

However…I’ve been thinking about it and there are a few things I want to accomplish this year.

Here we go!


4 responses to “Oh hey, 2011

  1. Good luck with your goals! I feel the same way about resolutions, I think they’re setting yourself up to fail, but nice achievable goals are a great thing! Happy new year!

  2. We have a couple of the same goals this year! I ran a 5 mile race last year and once I did that, I just sort of capoo pood out. I want to run again and also, get at least ONE thing in my Etsy shop haha.

    PS> Losing weight is on my Life’s List of resolutions!

  3. You go girl! Sorry, did that sound too girl power-y? Oh well… It’s good to set realistic goals, and I think you can accomplish all of these!! I need to learn more about cooking too, but that’s to cut back on our fast food intake, your reason is a lot more legit..

  4. Good luck with your goals-you have a great list!

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