Christmas in Photos…and learning how to use the Hipstamatic

Christmas at the Oregon State Capitol

My niece is going to be a reader :)

My mother-in-law got me Small-Batch Preserving and Slow Cooker Recipes. We got a new Crock Pot and the one time we used it so far was a flop, so the cookbook will come in hand. I’ve been wanting to learn how to embroider and this book will get me started.

Postscript to this photo…Isaac is so sweet. We were at Craft Warehouse a few days ago and I was looking at this book but decided not to spend the money to buy it. After we moved on, he told me he wanted to go “look for a pattern” and he ran and bought it for me. Love him :)

The perfect way to end the weekend…Isaac beat me at Skip-Bo (pretty sure he was cheating) and then I kicked his butt at Rummikub.

PS. I have a pretty strict rule against paying for apps (which is sort of funny considering most of them only cost a dollar even though I think nothing about spending three bucks on coffee). I’ve been wanting the Hipstamatic for a long time. It is a little confusing at first, but I think I’m figuring it out. I got the Williamsburg pack for some extra film and a wide lens and I like it much better than the standard films.

Christmas was fantastic but I think we are all ready to be done…right?


2 responses to “Christmas in Photos…and learning how to use the Hipstamatic

  1. looks like a fun app..!! and YES, about elf.. i could watch it forever. so, i don’t know… christmas forever?

  2. such a fun app – love how they came out!! and do i see skip-bo there? we love that game!!

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