Christmas Lights!

There’s a neighborhood in Keizer where almost all the houses decorate with tons of Christmas lights. Isaac and I got hot chocolate and drove through tonight.

Love this saying :)

Go Beavs!

I took a million photos of this Pooh & Tigger display but it moves and it took so long to take the photo that I couldn’t make it not blurry. Oh well. Still cute.

If you’re trying to get to the North Pole, don’t follow this sign…it’s pointing west.

We’re going to go walk through Magic at the Mill for all the lights and singing, hopefully on Thursday. I’ve never been but it’s supposed to be beautiful. I’m excited.


One response to “Christmas Lights!

  1. These are such cute decorations…except for the ugly Beaver house!!! :)

    haha and about your comment on my blog, YES, I am so stoked for the national championship game!! Duck football is about my favorite thing ever.

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