So Much to (Want to) Make, So Little Time

On my to-make for fun list….

I’m loving Pinterest! Instead of a long list of bookmarks that would be my to-make list, Pinterest shows me all the pretty pictures. I made the zipper flowers already (the tutorial is kind of hard to understand…or maybe I’m just dumb) and I’m saving toilet paper rolls to make Emma’s Toilet Paper Roll Art. Isaac says he can’t get over the fact that it’s made out of toilet paper rolls so we’ll see if I can make something work. Maybe on the miniscule wall space that’s in the craft room? Speaking of the craft room, my goal for this weekend is to get it cleaned up and take pictures.

Oh hi, Rabbit Trail….

Back to Pinterest….I’ve only been using it as a style board and am only really following the front page/Best of Pinterest board. I am afraid that it will be a huge time suck as soon as I start exploring.


One response to “So Much to (Want to) Make, So Little Time

  1. haha! tell him they are paper towel rolls and that its a good form of recycling :)

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