How to Make an Easy Light Box

Leaving for work before it’s light and coming home after the sun goes down has made it pretty much impossible to take photos for my Etsy shop. So, last week I made a light box.

The step-by-step is in my first guest post on Eben Lemon. Emma’s awesome – check out her blog. Oh, and wish her good luck on her final exams :)


4 responses to “How to Make an Easy Light Box

  1. That looks awesome! Thanks for posting a picture of your set up!

  2. Thanks Leyla!!! My finals went by perfectly!

  3. Such a useful tutorial! I totally struggled with this over the summer.

  4. I MADE MINE TONIGHT! It was kinda of hard and I had to have Shane help hold boards but its all done and set up. I found that the lights I was using were so bright that they casting bad reflections/glares on the item I was photographing so I taped white tissue paper over them loosely (major fire hazard!) my lights were $15 at home depot and the boards were $1.25 each at the dollar store!!

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