No big deal…

…but Isaac and I got new Macbook Pros!

My laptop died one night and his is slower than a turtle, so we decided to make the switch. Turns out all my laptop needed was a new power cord…which costs all of $35….oops.

I think it’s a rule that you have to post photos of your first experience with Photo Booth.

Learning how to use a Mac is not exactly fun. I’ve become quite good at googling “how to turn off mac,” “what to do when macbook freezes” and “how to find a photo you saved on a mac.” So far, google hasn’t disappointed, but is there a website or course I should take to learn how to use this thing?


5 responses to “No big deal…

  1. Ahaha I totally agree! Everyone should have a photobooth photo shoot for sure! I have many shoots with girlfriends after one too many glasses of wine. Somehow the effects just seem so much funnier {if that’s possible} when you’re a few deep! ahahahaha
    You’ll get the hang of it!

  2. OK, as soon as I opened your blog and saw these photos, I KNEW you were in photobooth.
    Is it sad if I tell you, when I lived in rural Germany, I spent many an hour wasting time on Photobooth? It probably is. But I just did. Judge away!
    I think once you learn the idiosyncracies of the MAC system, it will be a lot easier. After awhile, “other” computers won’t even make sense to you anymore!
    I wish I had a book to tell you about, but I leaned on college roomies and friends as my Mac transition crutches.
    There MUST be a blog about this somehwere, right??

  3. I loove my mac, but I do admit it was hard to learn at first!

    love, polly :)

  4. Once you get the hang of the Mac you will never go back!

  5. haha, i just made the switch to a mac too. i am forever using help! i love it though…but um yeah, it is hard to find photos, haha.

    we need to start a new mac user support group or something.


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