People Make Cool Things: Kiramaku


Green Gold Chrysanthemum Necklace


Pretty, pretty.


Pink Quartz Ring - Blue Variation


Kiramaku is a shop that sells pretty jewelry in Quebec, Canada.  Her shop name means “shine of the ocean” in Japanese, and she chose it because she loves all shiny things.   She also sells some of her own artwork.  This one is my favorite.


Revised Columbine Original Artwork


Click on the photos to visit her shop.

Find Kiramaku online: Shop | Blog | Twitter


PS.  I had a marathon photo shoot earlier and I’m trying to get photos edited for a massive shop update.  I should probably wait and debut each new line one at a time, but I’m impatient.  Check the shop later for coasters, notebooks and tiny flowers.  I’m most excited about the notebooks – some of them are made with pages from vintage hymnals, sheet music and children’s books!


One response to “People Make Cool Things: Kiramaku

  1. how beautiful! def going to check out her shop…

    thank you for your sweet comments on my stitchery. i was nervous to share it, but everyone was so kind. i might try another one in the future… :)

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