The Birds and the Bees

Yay for fall TV!  If you’re not watching Parenthood yet, watch the clip.  Laugh.  Turn to NBC tonight at 10 pm.  Come back tomorrow and thank me.

This is probably the show I’m most excited about – well, this and 30 Rock.  The story follows a four siblings and their day-to-day lives and struggles.  It looks at life from so many different perspectives – Max has Aspergers, Joel was a construction worker who found himself out of work and is now a stay-at-home dad, Lauren is a single mom with teenagers, Hattie is learning to drive.  It’s funny but more importantly, it’s real.  I love it.

More new shows air this week – we caught the debut of Lone Star last night.  Pretty good but not to the point of making a date with my TV.  “Chase” on NBC? …no thanks.

Hm…What else is worth watching this season?  Don’t say Glee…I don’t like starting a show mid-way through so I’ll watch it on Netflix later.


4 responses to “The Birds and the Bees

  1. I love this too! I haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, a little slow but I know it is there when I need it. :) T.

  2. House and Always Sunny in Philadelphia!! I’m obsessed!!

  3. i’ve thought about watching this but never knew if it was interesting or not. i’ll definitely have to check it out now! i’m super excited for 30 rock as well. did you ever watch parks & recreation? i liked that show (i love amy poehler) and i dont exactly know what happened to it…

  4. hahaha! my hubbers loves Parenthood, but we both love 30 Rock.
    we watch entirely too much television, but i most excited for this new show called Terriers on FX (both episodes ondemand with comcast). it’s pretty darkly hilarious.

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