Glockenspiel Restaurant in Mt Angel

Judging by the crowds in Mt. Angel yesterday, it’s quite possible that I’m the only person in the Mid-Willamette Valley who’s never been to Oktoberfest.

So much to see!  Arts, crafts, beer….

German dancing…

Authentic German food from Mt Angel Sausage Company

Authentic festival food like blooming onions.  Haha.

Chicken hats wearing traditional German clothes:

And the most beautiful church I’ve ever seen.

I had never been into a Catholic church…do they all look like this?  If so…wow.

I’m quite proud of this picture…I’m trying to learn how to use our new camera and it took me a long time to get this looking like I wanted.  Anybody more experienced care to give a little critique?


3 responses to “Oktoberfest!

  1. dang it! I forgot all about Oktoberfest! We went last year and had a great time! People dancing on tables in the beer garden and everything… oh , and to answer, yes, most catholic churches are amazingly beautiful. ♥

    Happy fall miss!

  2. I’d be there for the sausage and onions!!!!

  3. I love the photos! And I agree – Catholic churches are so beautiful!

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