People Make Cool Things: The Clever Crafter

Jenni says she has craft ADD, just like me.  (It’s a real condition…just ask anyone browsing at Michael’s.) She calls herself – and her shop – the Clever Crafter.

Let me just say….this girl likes buttons.  Alot.

Button Bracelet

Box of Chocolates Earrings

Jenni makes lots of other cool stuff too like super cute guitar pick earrings

Yellow Flower Flip Flops

If you like any of these things, better act fast…as soon as her creative impulses shift to something else, you’ll be out of luck.

Find Clever Crafter online: Shop | Blog | Twitter

PS. This is not a design blog, and it’s most definitely not a home-improvement or inspiration blog.  I don’t surf the internet enough for that.  But when I see something I like, I’m gonna tell you.  And since I just joined this super awesome team called Boosting Etsy Shops, I’m gonna show some love to the super awesome team members.   Hope you love the creativity and awesomeness as much as I do.


One response to “People Make Cool Things: The Clever Crafter

  1. ooh–i like the guitar pick earrings. nifty idea! :)

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