Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in Salem!

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition was in town last week!  It was so cool.

Extreme Makeover is going extreme this year…at least that’s their tag line.  Instead of redoing houses, Makeover is working on schools, nonprofits and community organizations.  The project here in Salem was a renovation of the basement of the Oregon School for the Deaf and building the first phase of new dorms.  (Why the basement, you ask?  I asked too…apparently the school does a huge haunted house but they had to cancel it last year due to seismic problems.  It’s a huge fundraiser for the school so canceling it caused some hardship.)

Anyway, I “borrowed” my boss’s VIP tickets since he was out of town and Isaac and I went.  The VIP tent had catered food, a jazz band, and a way better view of the build.

I had signed up to volunteer on the landscaping crew but the were way ahead of schedule so things got pushed up and I had something else going on so I couldn’t go.  But…Isaac worked a full day and snagged me a shirt.  Score!

It was organized chaos at the build site.  The only way they can build something like this in a week is because 1000 people volunteered their time and talent.

We learned alot about how Makeover works…and I don’t think I really liked what I learned.  I mean, they’re doing a great thing, but here’s the thing: ABC and the celebrities on the show don’t really do anything except provide the vision and TV cameras.  The community raises all the money and does all the work.  In a week, 1000 volunteers completed a million dollar project.  Everything is donated by businesses in the community – building supplies, equipment, labor.  While it’s cool that ABC brings the idea, the project itself is really a story of a community’s extreme generosity.

That being said…it’s pretty fun to have all the celebrities in my little ol’ town.  Isaac saw everyone except Ty while he was working and I got to see Michael Maloney “work.”

PS.  Here’s the story about the reveal in our local paper yesterday if you’re interested.

PS 2.  The other thing I did this weekend was work on a new craft that I’m so excited to write about.  I had a little photo shoot this morning so I’ll be showing off my little zoo soon!


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