Labor Day Weekend: Mt Rainier National Park

If there’s a better way to end the summer than camping in one of the most stunning places I’ve ever seen, please tell me and I’ll try that one next year.  Until then, Mt Rainier National Park is my choice for saying goodbye to summer.

One of our first views of the mountain as we were driving into the park.  Breathtaking.

We hiked part of the Wonderland Trail.  Not the whole thing, since it’s a 93-mile trek around the park, but one of our hikes was on part of it.  I love the name…so much prettier and more imaginative than the “Pacific Crest Trail” or “Duffy Lake Trail”

My sister kissed a frog

We climbed 428 steps to the top of Windy Ridge….

…for a stunning view of Mt St Helens…

…and Spirit Lake.  What looks like a beach is actually a layer of logs deposited there when the volcano exploded in 1980.

Bet your weekend wasn’t as beautiful and wonderful as mine.


4 responses to “Labor Day Weekend: Mt Rainier National Park

  1. how beautiful. did your sister get a prince? lol

  2. What an amazing camping trip with quite a view! (We might be moving to Anacortes soon, near Mt. Ranier.) Wonderland trail, how whimsical!! Sounds like you had a lovely holiday weekend! xo

  3. haha yeah it wasnt. i wish i hiked trails with cool names. also, ew about your sister kissing a frog haha. although one time i kissed a random dog that was in a truck in the parking lot of a grocery store. then my coworker goes, “umm…jess? did you just kiss that dog!?” hahaha busted.

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