Caution: Rant Alert

Things that are making mad today:

1.  Sour candy that isn’t sour.  Isn’t that the worst?  Your mouth starts watering for sour gummy candy and then…nothing.  Ugh.

2.  Roadwork and traffic that make me late.

3. Blocking crocheted items, especially ones that have to be square or rectangle.

4. Blocking crocheted items late at night when you’re tired, so you rub your eyes and mascara gets all over your fingers and then your almost-completed project.

5. Being so upset about the ridiculous-ness of blocking crocheted items that you forget to take pictures to put in your shop before wrapping and giving it as a gift.

6. 64 degree weather at the end of August.  It’s supposed to be summer!

7.  The economy.

Ok, that’s my rant for the day.   Sometimes it helps to get it all out.  Care to share your rant?


4 responses to “Caution: Rant Alert

  1. I agree about the sour candy! I like painful sour so I’m very easily disappointed! haha

  2. Painfully sour, huh? Like warheads, or…? Sour patch kids are good. And the Dollar Tree has been carrying these off-brand sour ropes that I like. Finding the perfect sour candy is definitely a challenge, lol :)

  3. traffic is pretty much always on my peevs list. it’s HORRIBLE out here! i would also have to add, grown adult men who don’t seem to know how to listen! grumble grumble.

    i think it was 50 degrees when i left the house this morning. that is pretty dang chilly for September 2. i think summer really and truly has left us in the PNW. :(

  4. The weather just tanked, its 58 degrees. I’m so depressed, I think I might curl up in polarfleece and cry until spring. lol

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