The peach trees in the u-pick orchard up the road from our house is picked clean but we got enough for a canner-load of canned peaches and an almost-perfect peach crumb bar.  These are delicious but next time I’m going to add a half teaspoon each of cinnamon and almond extract to the peaches to give it a little extra flavor.

Of course my peaches floated.  Does anyone know of a fool-proof way to make the not float?  My mom says using a heavy syrup – I used a light syrup – and hot packing the peaches help.  (For all you non-canners (otherwise known as “most everyone”), hot packing means you boil the peaches for a couple minutes before packing them into the jars.)  They taste just as good even if they’re floating, but it’s definitely not as pretty.

PS.  Like how I set up the photo so the pan is hiding the fact that the peaches are floating?

PS.2.  No, I didn’t set up the photo….I wish I could take credit for that but…nope, I’m not that good.


3 responses to “Yum.

  1. hahaha! i do that kind of thing all the time (um, referring to the accidentally perfect photo set up, not the canning. i have absolutely no idea how to can anything. :P)
    they look scrumptious, floaty or not.

  2. I made a peach pie last night – it was amazing! I love peaches.

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