There is More Than Enough Zucchini in the World

Why is it that absolutely everyone who grows a garden plants zucchini even though a) they don’t like it and b) they know they’ll end up throwing it all out? I think there’s  a total of approximately two edible ways to eat zucchini  – grilled and in bread – and grilled is gross so…

Anyway, my mother-in-law has (of course) about 354677 extra zucchinis in her garden.  After taking them with her to church to try to get rid of (no takers, by the way – everyone already has them in their garden or got some from their mother-in-law) and pawning them off on the entire family, we finally took a gigantic one.

No pictures, but I’m sure you know what a gigantic zucchini looks like.

Since I’m sure most everyone is having the zuccini-coming-out-of-their-ears, problem, you should make loads and loads of zucchini bread.  And you should substitute apple sauce for half of the oil in the recipe.

Here’s a recipe that already has the applesauce factored in.  If you like a light, kind of cake-y sweet bread, this is the recipe for you.

Zucchini Bread from Oh My! Sugar High

I’m partial to a denser sweet bread but Isaac likes this one and it was easy, quick and delicious.

So when your mother-in-law “asks” if you want zucchini….you can tell her yes, and actually mean it this time.

PS.  Maybe, just maybe, I’m a bit hard on zucchini.  It’s possible there are more than two ways to eat zucchini.  If there is, do tell.  I’d like to know what to do with the big chunk still sitting in the refrigerator.


3 responses to “There is More Than Enough Zucchini in the World

  1. Too funny!! And so true! Weirdly though…I like zucchini…I know, right?! But the caveat is that it has to not be overdone…then it’s a mushy mess.

  2. Hey thanks for posting this! I had been thinking the same thing, maybe I should try to make zucchini bread. I like easy, so I’ll try it! and I love the apple sauce sub idea too, so double thanks!

  3. haha i love zucchini. i always just sautee it on the stove with flavored grapeseed oil and salt&pepper. yummm!

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