Personalizing Composition Notebooks. Or, making the same thing everyone else makes but thinking how original I am

I can’t function without a to-do list; I just don’t get anything done unless there’s a list I can cross off as I go.  I usually use some cute little notebook – standard yellow pads everyone uses are so boring – but lately my to-do list has been a composition notebook.   You know what I’m talking about…the black and white ones with lines paper inside.  Boring.

So I decided to pretty it up with some scrapbook paper.  Now I know it’s not totally original, but I didn’t think that everyone and their mother decoupaged paper onto the front of a notebook.  After I made my first one, I decided to look on youtube to see if there was a video or two about it.

“A video or two”?  More like 234,852,853,784 videos.  And I’m only slightly exaggerating.  There are also 247,259,264 altered composition notebooks on Etsy.

There goes my niche.   Oh well, they’re still fun.  And my “testers” (also known as the first two who responded to my facebook status update) will like them.

And just because I’m a super nice person, I’m going to tell you a little secret: when the spray adhesive advises you to cover the area you’re working in to protect from over-spray…they aren’t joking.

Final product for my Etsy shop...wrapped, stamped, ready to ship


2 responses to “Personalizing Composition Notebooks. Or, making the same thing everyone else makes but thinking how original I am

  1. These look fantastic! I’ve actually personalized several notebooks of my own before…it’s such a great way to spice up a dreary composition book. I love using Mod Podge and creating collages on the covers.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    – Halie

  2. Your tip about covering your surface from over spray brings a smile to my face. I once was glittering stars down in the basement and although I did try to cover the floor, I still was left with lots of sticky tiles and micro glitter everywhere. Ugh!

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