How cool is Mod Podge?

I’m having way too much fun with Mod Podge lately.  Everyone else in the world has already discovered the magic of decoupage but I’m making up for my lack of knowledge with enthusiasm.  So far I’ve only covered “normal” things with paper and Mod Podge like picture frames:

And letters to hang on walls:

But “unnormal” things like on this cool site about how Mod Podge Rocks are probably coming.  Watch out, Isaac.

I kinda stumbled into this new craft.  I was at Willamette Valley Fruit Company the other day and they carry the cutest picture frames.  And some of the cutest cards that this awesome girl named Leyla makes.  Anyway.  One of the designs on the frame was scrapbook paper I’ve used for some of my cards.  As soon as I realized it was just paper…well, that was the end of that.  No way was I going to buy this adorable frame. Like any self-respecting DIY’er, I thought to myself “self, with paper you have and those wood frames from Michael’s that cost a dollar, you can do this.”

No, I didn’t actually talk to myself or call myself “self.”

So I did.  Spread Mod Podge, stick paper, get rid of bubbles, impatiently wait until it’s dry, use an ink-pad to fake-distress around the edges…ta-da.

Pretty cool.

And then one day, I went to Michael’s (don’t tell Isaac), and these awesome letters were just hanging there.  I knew I had to cover one with Mod Podge and paper but how could I justify it?  Aha!  I’m sure my new niece needs one of these in my room.

Uh huh.  “Needs” it just as much as I need a new craft.

She loves it.  Or at least, she will when she’s old enough to hold her head up and look at the pretty pink ‘H’ for Hailey above her bed.

PS. You can make this yourself.  It’s fun and you can’t mess it up.  Really.  But if you’re too impatient to wait for Mod Podge to dry, and would rather wait for a package to come in the mail, some of the amazing-ness that is decoupage in my Etsy shop.


3 responses to “How cool is Mod Podge?

  1. I really want to use it one day it seems so cool :)

  2. You should! It’s such a fun and easy way to add a little something to so many things :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I have a personal obsession with Mod Podge…I love making collages especially; it’s so useful for just about everything! I’ve mod podged boxes for friends and bottles as flower vases…lots of fun!

    – Halie

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