People make really cool stuff

I’m going to tell you a story.  You might be a little jealous afterward, cuz I have a husband who cares about things most guys don’t.  You also might feel a little sorry for me because of the about the long life of black, white, and grey I have to look forward to.

*Sidenote: this post is actually about Ecarlate Boutique.  Hold on, we’ll get there.

When I first met my husband almost two years ago, his living room consisted of three pieces of furniture: a leather couch, a big TV (no, I don’t know how many inches) and this clear plastic pipe that he ran some LED lights into and stuck in the corner as the only light.

Get any pictures of a messy bachelor pad with no furniture out of your head because is that is most definitely not Isaac. Isaac is super design- and asthetics-oriented.  He loves minimalism.  Color is too splashy for him.  Houses should be decorated in black, grey and white.  Brown and tan if absolutely necessary, but not preferable.  Most of the time, I translate his style as “boring” but I’m learning to appreciate it.

Since we got married, I’ve injected a few extras: a tv stand, pictures on the walls, and pillows on the couch.  Most people call these “basics;” Isaac calls them “clutter.”  Anyway, some of the things we’ve added are….well, boring.  Like our plain tan pillows.  I think we need some of these pillows from Ecarlate Boutique:

or this one

I have a feeling this one will never be allowed to enter our house, even though it’s super amazing:

There are so many more, it was hard to choose just a few.  I think the first one is my favorite…which one is yours?

Find Ecarlate online:  BlogTwitterEtsy shop

PS. This is not a design blog, and it’s most definitely not a home-improvement or inspiration blog.  I don’t surf the internet enough for that.  But when I see something I like, I’m gonna tell you.  And since I just joined this super awesome team called Boosting Etsy Shops, I’m gonna show some love to the super awesome team members.   Hope you love the creativity and awesomeness as much as I do.


4 responses to “People make really cool stuff

  1. I definietly love the last one. Maybe you should try and sneak it in? lol

    • Eventually when we have a “real” house instead of an apartment, I’ll have a big bonus/craft/family room and it’s going to have an explosion of color and brightness. Then the pillow will have a new home :)

  2. I love the black and white one. It sounds like it has the right colors or lack there of.

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