Birthday = Awesome afternoon in Downtown Portland = most amazing massage and salmon dinner ever

In case anyone was wondering, my husband is more sweet and thoughtful and awesomer than yours.

Yes, “awesomer” is a word, even though Microsoft keeps putting that stupid little red line underneath it.

He gave me a surprise spa day for my birthday and then we had dinner at one of Portland’s most popular restaurants, Portland City Grill.  The whole thing was a surprise, which was actually kind of stressful for me.  How was I supposed to decide what to wear if I didn’t know what we were going to do?  Isaac kept telling me to wear whatever I wanted, and he picked out a dress for me to bring, but still….

I got a facial and full body massage, and then my hair was styled for dinner.  Isaac showed up all dressed up and took me to the 30th floor of the US Bancorp Tower for Portland’s best of the city.  How did he get away with dressing up without me knowing, you ask?  I wondered too…he told me he was going to Macy’s to “return a pair of slacks” (which was actually true) but he bought a nice shirt while he was there and he had worn his nice shoes because he “didn’t have anything besides flip flops.”  Sneaky, sneaky.

Best dinner ever.  

Plus there was a signed birthday card and birthday confetti sprinkled all over the table when we got there.   And the complimentary chocolate soufflé was quite possibly the most amazing thing I’ve ever eaten.

Does anyone else love birthdays as much as me?  Or am I just acting like a twelve year old?


One response to “Birthday = Awesome afternoon in Downtown Portland = most amazing massage and salmon dinner ever

  1. you’re right, your husband is awesome (but not awesomer than mine, lol). what a great way to spend your birthday. :)

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