Review: The Glass Castle

I asked Isaac what he thought I should write about this book.

Verbatim: “Horrible, horrible, horrible book and people should never have to live like that.”

I agree with the people-should-never-have-to-live-like-that part, but it wasn’t a horrible book.

It was a heartbreaking, funny, inspiring, thought-provoking book.  It made me smile even as my heart broke for the kids and what they were put through.

In short: Jeanette’s mom spends all her time painting and trying to feel good about herself.  Her dad is one of those charming, lovable drunks who can’t take care of his family.  As the kids grow up, they find food in trash cans at school, use a bucket for a bathroom because their house doesn’t have plumbing, and endure the bullying of kids at school who don’t understand their poor hygiene, worn clothes, and dirty house isn’t their choice.

It was a quick read – it took me a weekend and I even read the last half out loud to Isaac.  I didn’t plan on reading it aloud…I kept reading funny parts aloud.  About half way through, he said, “I wouldn’t mind listening if you wanted to keep reading out loud.”

How’s that for subtle?

In case you were wondering what Isaac thought about the mom:”a lazy, horrible parent.  A mom that no child deserves, no matter how bad they are.”  And his opinion of the dad: “a good-for-nothing drunk who is undeserving of the children he would sell out.”

Well then.

Update: After reading the draft of this post, Isaac wanted to clarify.  For the record, he doesn’t think it was a horrible, horrible book, but the things the kids went through were horrible.  I think that about sums it up.

Have you read The Glass Castle?  What did you think?


2 responses to “Review: The Glass Castle

  1. i read this book a few years ago and i thought it was very inspiring! seeing what she had overcome. it’s funny i found this post because i recently made a digi collage of my favorite books and the glass castle is one of them :)

  2. I remember that collage! Loved the book. Any other recommendations?

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