Recipe: Pesto Chicken Lasagna

We made the most delicious summer lasagna last night.  My recipe-website-loving husband found this recipe for Pesto Lasagna on The Italian Dish.  There’s no meat in the recipe but we included chicken and layered it in with the pesto and bechamel sauce.  (Sidenote: What is bechamel, you ask?  I asked too, and all I got was “oh, it’s a kind of white sauce.”  Got it, thanks.)

Amazing.  And super pretty too.  Of course I didn’t add tomatoes on the top, cuz that would have been gross.

Next time we’ll add more layers and Isaac says mozzarella between the layers would be good but I disagree.  We’ll see who wins that fight.

Who am I kidding?  He’s the one cooking, so there will be mozzarella.  Oh well.


3 responses to “Recipe: Pesto Chicken Lasagna

  1. Ciao! Your lasagna looks great and I like the added chicken on top. Happy blogging!

  2. Oh that looks delicious :)

    Bookmarking that, thanks for sharing, T. :)

  3. The lasagna looks amazing. Thanks for the inspiration. I will be sure to try it this week. I’m enjoying reading your blog and look forward to digging through your past posts. Thanks for sharing!

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